How to make a DIY balloon garland (Easy tutorial)

How to make a DIY balloon garland (Easy tutorial)

Creating a captivating DIY balloon garland can elevate the ambiance of any event, whether it's a birthday celebration, a whimsical baby shower, or a themed party. Balloon garlands offer a versatile and cost-effective way to decorate and add flair to any space. In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll walk through step-by-step instructions on how to craft a stunning balloon garland that suits your color scheme and theme, utilizing various balloon sizes, glue dots, and other essential supplies.

  1. Gathering Balloon Garland Supplies

Before diving into the creative process, ensure you have all the necessary supplies ready:


-Latex Balloons in Various Sizes: Small balloons for filling gaps and creating texture, and larger balloons for a bold presence. My balloon garland recipe consists of 5 inch, 11inch, and 17 inch balloons. Use large balloons like 24 and 36 inch for big balloon garlands. Different sizes are key to an organic balloon garland. 

-Electric Balloon Pump: An efficient tool that speeds up the inflation process. Use a pump with 2 nozzles to increase efficiency. Here is the link for a great balloon pump on amazon.

-Glue Dots: These will help secure the accent balloons in place.

- Command Hooks: These hooks will be essential for hanging the finished garland. 

- DIY Balloon Garland Kits: These kits often contain balloon decorating strips, providing a base for your design. I do not like to use them! In fact I never use balloon tape for creating the base. Tying the necks of the balloons together or using fishing line is a much better option. A good kit offers various size balloons and accent pieces. The quality found on amazon isn’t the greatest but if you purchase from there be prepared to have balloons pop easily. Etsy has great balloon garland kits. Or you could buy bags of balloons from some of my favorite brands like Qualatex and Tuftex. 

- Hand pump: This is helpful to use with some mylar balloons and small 5 inch balloons 

  1.  Preparing for the Project

Setting up your workspace is key to a smooth crafting experience. Ensure you have a clean, spacious area to work in. Latex balloons pick up anything on your floor from dust to dog hair so get out the vacuum. Throw your hair up in a bun and let’s get started!

 Start by organizing your balloons by color and size, making it easier to access the ones you need as you construct the garland.

Using the electric pump, inflate the balloons two at a time. Tying both balloons to each other rather than individually will speed up the process. Remember to vary the sizes to add depth and visual interest to your garland. I like to use 11”, 17”, and 24” balloons in my base.


  1. Constructing the Balloon Base

To begin, throw out the balloon strip or tape provided in your DIY balloon garland kit. ;) Twist together a group of two balloons with another group of two balloons to create a POD of 4 balloons.  Alternate between smaller and larger balloons to create a textured and visually appealing base. Once you master making pods of 4 balloons you can try making the pods with 6 balloons. 


After constructing several pods of 4-6 balloons you will then tie the neck of a balloon from one pod to the neck on another pod. This will help make your balloon garland extra sturdy and easily manipulate the shape as you install the garland. Another easy way to connect the pods of balloons is by wrapping fishing line around the knots in each balloon pod.


Experiment with color patterns and distribution to achieve the desired look. For larger balloon garlands I personally like to color block. Which means use the same color in a pod. This look is easy on the eyes and makes it look really high end. However, I still find myself mixing up the colors in a pod from time to time too. 

  1. Building the Balloon Garland

Once you’ve created the initial base layer, it’s time to add depth to your garland. Layer the balloons by attaching additional balloons and pods on top of the base layer, creating arches and dimensions. Use smaller balloons strategically to fill gaps and create a cohesive appearance.


Don’t be afraid to play with shapes and sizes; this is where your creativity can truly shine. Balloon arches or varying heights can add a whimsical touch to your design. If you want an organic trendy balloon garland, try using several pods and larger balloons at the base of your garland.


  1.  Hanging the Balloon Garland

When your garland is complete, the next step is to hang it up. Use command strips or other hanging mechanisms to secure the garland in place. I use “260’s balloons“ which are the link skinny balloons that make balloon animals. These make securing the balloon garland to hooks, posts, nails, and so much more extremely easy! Make sure it's evenly distributed and securely attached for the best presentation. You can hang your balloons in a traditional arch shape, L shape, or something extra fun like the shape of a lightning bolt. The options are endless. 


Consider the day of the party when hanging the garland. Ensure it’s in a safe location and won’t obstruct any activities planned for the event.

  1. Personalization and Customization

To add a personal touch, consider incorporating additional decorations like greenery or themed elements that complement the occasion, whether it’s a birthday party or a baby shower. Personalization makes the garland uniquely yours and adds character to the overall decor and creates a huge impact. A few of my “go-to” accent balloons are starburst balloons mylar balloons in different colors, mylar number balloons, and orbs. You can find these items in my amazon store. For a more formal look you can use pops of 5 inch gold balloons in small pods throughout the balloon garland. 


  1.  Maintenance, Storage, and Day of the Party

To ensure your garland looks its best on the day of the event, store it properly until then. Protect it from potential damage and keep it in a cool, dry place. Balloons in direct sunlight will oxidize quickly and have a matte finish to them. Also, balloons will pop easily if the weather is very hot with direct sunlight, is a disaster waiting to happen. 


On the day of the party, do a final check to make sure the garland is intact and looks as vibrant as when you first crafted it. Ensure everything is set up according to plan to create a visually stunning backdrop for your celebration. If you notice that some of your balloons have popped, you can easily inflate a small balloon to fill the whole or twist in two balloons in that pod. Organ balloon garlands are very giving when it comes to the visual appearance because of the varying sizes. It’s very easy to hide a flaw such as popped balloon. 


When Inspiration Strikes!

Explore different color schemes, sizes of balloons, and mylar accent balloons for inspiration. The possibilities are endless, and experimenting with different designs can spark new ideas for your next event. Click here to watch me create an easy balloon garland.



Crafting a DIY balloon garland allows you to unleash your creativity and create a visually striking decoration that adds charm and festivity to any occasion. Balloons are the easiest way to add a lot of style to your party. With a few supplies, some creativity, and the guidance provided in this tutorial, you can create a stunning balloon garland that will be the highlight of your event and bring the WOW factor. Enjoy the process, experiment with designs, and revel in the joy of creating very own balloon garland that enhances your celebration.


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I hope you found this balloon garland tutorial helpful! Follow along on instagram for even more party decorating ideas.


-Valorie Kelley

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